"Allow me to re-introduce myself...
" Sorry, sorry, I'm in Jay and Bey mode after her amazing performance at the Super Bowl! But no really, remember me? Due to my family, friends, and even some blog readers I don't know requesting my return, I'm back!


So, in order to graduate law school in May, I need to complete an externship, which is what led me to Cali. Tough life, right? Well, I have to say Cali is amazing and I'm not missing the snow or cold at all. 

I'm also madly in love with my externship, which I'll refer to as "the firm." So here at "the firm" I basically do contracts, negotiations, and help with some due diligence type things. It's like being a lawyer when you need to be for work purposes, but otherwise you're not really doing lawyer type things all day. This is EXACTLY what I want to be doing. If I never see the inside of a courtroom, I'd be ecstatic.

I love anything Disney, especially Disney Princesses. I was way too excited to head to Disneyland Paris and had an AMAZING time. *smiles from ear to ear* Plus, it was one of the first rain-free and really nice days in a long time since I had arrived in Paris.
Here is the castle at Disneyland, this is Sleeping Beauty's Castle. We were able to walk through and around the inside of the castle. It was pretty cool
My favorite Disney movie is Aladdin! So when I saw there was a village just like Agrabah, I was more than excited. It was pretty cool because it looked like the market in the movie. There was also a walk through exhibit of scenes from the movie. Above is one of my favorite scenes where Aladdin tries to woe the Princess by being flashy. *Sings* "Prince Ali, fabulous he, Ali Ababwa." 

While on our weekend adventure in Loire Valley seeing gardens and Castles, we went to a show. "The Enchanted Mirror Spectacular" at Chateau D' Azay-le-Rideau. I have to say it was the oddest experience! 

It started with this lady wearing a jacket out of ties whistling at us and making us come in. 
Then there was a tap dancing horse....
Then this guy played with fire, a few feet from everyone in the crowd...(sorry this picture is a little blurry)

I don't know about any other little girl but I always wanted to live in a my own Castle with Prince Charming. When I took this trip to look at all the old Chateau's that was all I could think about! 
This was one of my favorite Castles we saw that weekend. Isn't is majestic! I want to live here!
I mean this one had it's very own moat! HOW COOL!

We (students in my program) took a group trip to the French Senate/Luxembourg Palace on friday. The French Parliament is made up of two chambers, the National Assembly (like our House of Reps) and the Senate.. The building was quite beautiful and I want to share some of the pictures from the trip with you all. 
Above is a picture I took while standing in the courtyard of the Palace.

Once inside we were told that the black and white checkered floor was Luxembourg Palace and once on the red carpet you were in the Senate. I have to admit that before arriving, I never knew that the Senate was located at the same place as Luxembourg Palace.

Earlier this week, after getting out of class, my roommate Tempest and I decided to explore a little more. We ended up having a great time!
First we found a Korean BBQ place. Here we had bibimbap (pictured in the bowl) and then I had the chicken and Tempest had the beef. It was pretty cool, grilling up our own food.
We then headed over to the Champ de Mars Parks, which is on the other side of the Eiffel Tower. This park is pretty cool and beautiful, we want to have a picnic here before leaving Paris. 
While walking through the Champs de Mar, Tempest spotted Mauricio and Ken. They are two husbands from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The ladies (pictured below) and I decided to all meet up in Barcelona for a weekend and it was AMAZING! Barcelona was exactly what I expected it to be, if not more beautiful and even better food!
from left to right...Morin (studying in London for the summer, me, Dami (also in Paris taking class for the summer, and Nikki (taking class in Italy for the summer).
Our hotel room was pretty cute and modern. That was the main thing we actually realized about Barcelona, everything there seemed to be so modern.
We went to the beach and it was gorgeous. The water was super chilly though. 

I also had some the BEST food while in Barcelona. Every single thing I ate from Thursday night to Sunday morning was awesome!
This was my meal at Carpe Diem Lounge, it was lamb and couscous.
This paella with chicken was everything!!!! So delicious!

I went on one the day trips with my program and it was pretty cool. We traveled to Reims and saw the Basilique St. Remi. I have to say the Cathedral was gorgeous.
This was the outside of the first Cathedral we visited. It reminded me of an old medieval castle. If you look at the left tower, it's clearly been restored.
The stained glass windows inside where everywhere and amazingly beautiful.
This organ was HUGE!!! I'm sure it sounds beautiful during service :-)
We also went to another Cathedral, the Palais Du Tau. This is where coronations and such take place..

I went to the Eiffel Tower at night with the roomies and it was BEAUTIFUL!! The tower lit up was amazing but when it started twinkling was when I got extremely hype. I was like a kid at Christmas, crossing one of many things off my bucket list at that moment.
The pictures have some weird lighting going on from the lights on the tower but I still love them!
Look who I found at the tower!!! Jenny from the block, she was visiting from London :-)

This is the courthouse in Paris. Isn't the architecture beautiful? The architects of the building were Joseph-Louis Duc and Honore Daument. The outside sculptural work was by Jean-Marie Bonnassieux. 
I honestly do not remember what statute is which (my bad), however, I do remember that these statutes were of Judges/Lawyers that were highly influential to the Parisian justice system.