I went on one the day trips with my program and it was pretty cool. We traveled to Reims and saw the Basilique St. Remi. I have to say the Cathedral was gorgeous.
This was the outside of the first Cathedral we visited. It reminded me of an old medieval castle. If you look at the left tower, it's clearly been restored.
The stained glass windows inside where everywhere and amazingly beautiful.
This organ was HUGE!!! I'm sure it sounds beautiful during service :-)
We also went to another Cathedral, the Palais Du Tau. This is where coronations and such take place..
We then went over to Epernay, to a guided tour of Moet et Chandon. 
Pictured above is the gate you enter through to get into Moet & Chandon and a statue of Mr. Dom Perignon himself.
We then had a guided tour of the grounds and cellars where the champagne is made by this lovley lady pictured above.
The tunnels had a chalky feel to the walls and were dark, damp, and chilly. It was incredibly large down there that I would have been lost without a guide, turn after turn!
After the tour it was then time for a tasting *huge smile.* If I remember correctly the brut has 9 sugars as opposed to the imperial having 49...no wonder I prefer the imperial.

I have to say I felt a bit blasphemous after just visiting Cathedrals and then wanting to drink champagne LOL.
7/19/2012 12:57:20 pm

I love Dom's statue! And ooh, moet! Fancy! I want to get married in a cathedral like that, those look beautiful.

7/19/2012 09:29:44 pm

Yea they are really beautiful and regal :-)


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