I love anything Disney, especially Disney Princesses. I was way too excited to head to Disneyland Paris and had an AMAZING time. *smiles from ear to ear* Plus, it was one of the first rain-free and really nice days in a long time since I had arrived in Paris.
Here is the castle at Disneyland, this is Sleeping Beauty's Castle. We were able to walk through and around the inside of the castle. It was pretty cool
My favorite Disney movie is Aladdin! So when I saw there was a village just like Agrabah, I was more than excited. It was pretty cool because it looked like the market in the movie. There was also a walk through exhibit of scenes from the movie. Above is one of my favorite scenes where Aladdin tries to woe the Princess by being flashy. *Sings* "Prince Ali, fabulous he, Ali Ababwa." 
I also got to meet Cinderella. I personally wanted to meet Princess Jasmine of Tiana.
She was really into her "character." She told me to make sure I came to the parade later because she would be in it with Prince Charming. As she was acting and speaking very Cinderella like, I kept thinking, "Ma'am I know you're not real!" 
No Disney theme park experience is complete without the "It's a Small World" ride. 
While waiting in line to meet Mickey, we were able to watch old Mickey Mouse cartoons. This poster is my favorite one, where Mickey, Donald, and Goofy build a boat from a box kit and it falls to pieces as they take off from shore...LOL

Here is a video of about half of the parade Cinderella invited me to. I made sure to get all of the Princesses present in the parade in my footage.
08/16/2012 7:16pm

Aw! I love Aladdin's village, so cute! And so was the parade :))


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