I'm personally a sightseeing type of person but I know it isn't for everyone. While in Toronto, I'm sure I experienced everything a real tourist should! 
We went to Casa Loma, which means "hill house" in spanish. This home is like a huge castle, it was all types of gorgeous! It was built and owned by Sir Henry Pellatt. He no longer could afford the building and the city bought the house and it is now a museum/landmark in Toronto.
We had to go to through this long underground tunnel to get to some of the places in the home. It was long, cold, and damp. Absolutely reminded me of something out of a scary movie!
That tunnel scared me! LOL
I was BEYOND hype when I saw that scenes from X-Men were shot at Casa Loma!
This was me in the backyard by the gardens.
Here is a picture from the very top of one of the towers in the house. I felt like Princess Fiona from Shrek, in the tallest tower :-).
These were the tiny windy stairs we took all the way upstairs...they lowkey made me nervous because I felt like I was going to fall.

Do you all like sightseeing?

I LOVE to sightsee! And can you imagine living in a castle?! That was how I was meant to live, I know. That looks so cool.


LOL right! I was put on this earth to live like a Queen!


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