I don't know about any other little girl but I always wanted to live in a my own Castle with Prince Charming. When I took this trip to look at all the old Chateau's that was all I could think about! 
This was one of my favorite Castles we saw that weekend. Isn't is majestic! I want to live here!
I mean this one had it's very own moat! HOW COOL!
I found the perfect room for myself within the Castle. It's pink and over the top just how I like it!
The room had this amazing mirror...I'M SOLD!
While leaving one of the Castles, I saw these guys just waiting for me.

We also saw some really amazingly beautiful gardens that weekend as well.

Channing in The City
8/2/2012 02:31:37 pm

Let's be roommates and live here. Like, foreal. I want to play in the maze and ride around in horse drawn carriages!


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