I want to wish all the dads out there a Happy Father's Day, especially the special men in my life!
Let me start by wishing my Dad (pictured above, Mr. GQ) a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! I always have a hard time putting into words how much my dad means to me but I think he knows. From never missing a game/competition while growing up to still fixing my everyday problems, he is by far the most amazing man I know. He's still my superhero and best friend, which probably will never change!
This was my dad dropping me off in '05 for my freshman year of college (above) and a more recent picture of us (below) one random day I believe last fall.
I personally feel the hardest day in my young adult life was when my grandpa lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. I remember not believing my brother over the phone because I couldn't conceptualize not having my grandpa in my life anymore. Despite him being gone, he left me with many life long lessons: how to parallel park, how to dry wall, how to cook a steak, and to never be discouraged to reach for my dreams.
Happy Father's Day Poppy! I truly love and miss you more each day.
Last I want to also wish my older brother a Happy Father's Day. He has blessed our family with 3 amazing children, whom we all love dearly. The funny thing about my brother and I, is that we legit use to fist fight daily growing up and then five minutes later be over it and go out together. However, my brother was always my protector. I remember him slapping this kid that pushed me with his lunch box followed by saying, "do that again and it will hurt more next time!" 
I could never believe someone being more proud of me than my dad but my brother is an extreme close second I remember graduating from Penn State and a huge smile never left his face!
I believe to grow into the best person you can be, you need influential people in your life and that is what these men have been to me. They have all taught me different lessons that I take with me in my daily life. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY....I LOVE YOU!
6/17/2012 14:13:28

Your dad has always been a fine upstanding man (even when he was torturing me when we were younger). Glad to know your still doing well.

Doug Lewis
6/17/2012 14:46:56

Thanks SYS much Love!

6/17/2012 22:10:22

Yup my dad's the best! Lol and that's what best friends are for

Eugenia Russell Hargrove
6/17/2012 14:28:38

Wonderful photos and stories of the beloved men in your life. Thanks for sharing!!

6/17/2012 22:11:30

No problem...Happy Father's Day to Papa Hargrove :-)

Doug Lewis AKA (Daddy) No Pun Intended!
6/17/2012 14:54:36

Thanks for Thinking of me Poppy always taught me the greatest treasure a man can have is his family and their love and respect
God Bless your a Doll.


6/17/2012 22:12:01

Love you always Daddy!

6/18/2012 16:53:02

*flicks tears* SO sweet!! I hope Papa Lew, Devon too, had a nice Father's Day.

Sidenote, you know how to dry wall?? I never knew that!

6/18/2012 16:58:35

I believe they did! LOL yes my grandpa has a home improvement company (Devon's Home Improvement) and he taught me all this random stuff!

6/22/2012 23:18:16

This was so nice! Look at Papa Lewis lookin' fly! And yes, I remember Devon cheesing that day too!


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