I went to the Eiffel Tower at night with the roomies and it was BEAUTIFUL!! The tower lit up was amazing but when it started twinkling was when I got extremely hype. I was like a kid at Christmas, crossing one of many things off my bucket list at that moment.
The pictures have some weird lighting going on from the lights on the tower but I still love them!
Look who I found at the tower!!! Jenny from the block, she was visiting from London :-)
We then headed to a bar where these were some of our bartenders. I was freaked out at first but the lady monkey (below) was cool! She gave us free drinks and took this picture with her polaroid and gave me a copy.
The other bartenders kept lighting the actual bar on fire and some people took shots off it...I was just an innocent bystander on that one.
We then took a cab to this club called Duplex and I took this picture of the Arc de Triomph (Triumphal Arch).
I have to say the roomies and I had an awesome night!
7/11/2012 06:01:16 am

These photos are divine! Can't wait to see it all in person. And you look lovely dear!

PS The monkeys look a bit scary!

7/11/2012 06:36:32 am

I LOVE the top knot with the red lip! Not so much the monkeys :-/ But OMG to Paris at night! I'm so excited :))

Eugenia Russell Hargrove
7/12/2012 12:08:27 pm

Great photo of Eiffel Tower!! Tres chic to you and your top knot!!

7/13/2012 08:20:10 am

Love the blog and LOVE how absolutely stunning you look, baby girl! Fantabulous pic of the Eiffel Tower... You go girl!! xoxoxo


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