This is the courthouse in Paris. Isn't the architecture beautiful? The architects of the building were Joseph-Louis Duc and Honore Daument. The outside sculptural work was by Jean-Marie Bonnassieux. 
I honestly do not remember what statute is which (my bad), however, I do remember that these statutes were of Judges/Lawyers that were highly influential to the Parisian justice system.
From what I have seen since being in Paris, the buildings inside and out are gorgeous. I can absolutely appreciate that!
This was the outside of one of the criminal courts we went inside of to see a trial. Criminal trials here are more like our sentencing trials. It was very quick and to the point.
7/11/2012 06:39:07 am

I just can't get over how majestic everything looks! I love it. I just want to stand and take it all in.

Eugenia Russell Hargrove
7/12/2012 12:11:28 pm

Lovin the sneaks peeks of Paris.


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