We took a group trip to the Blue Jays v. Phillies game and even though I wasn't watching Jeter and my Yankees, it was still a good time!
Sorry about the bad face shot in this video and the Blue Jays hypeness is one of my classmates, Elliot.
This is the view of the CN Tower and part of the dome stadium from our seats.
We also took a group trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame the day after the Kings won the Stanley Cup...let me tell you all that Canadians LOVE their hockey!
We took a picture (Kim, Rich and I), with the replica of the Stanley Cup and below is a picture of the original Stanley Cup.
I honestly do not know much about hockey but I do know who Gretzky is!
When I saw this jersey, I immediately started quacking like in the Mighty Ducks movie...haha this made my whole hockey hall of fame experience.

Do any of you like hockey? What about baseball? If so, who's your favorite team?
6/28/2012 13:54:39

EH to the hockey but I do enjoy baseball. My boo's Mariano Rivera, he gets it done. Well, he used too.

I like Elliott's glasses. I want some.

7/1/2012 10:28:26

WOOP he's on my team! Elliot is quite fashionable lol


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