I remember when I younger always enjoyed the science museums and planetariums. Well when Kim and I went to the science museum we got to have a flashback to childhood days :-).
This exhibit helped me to brush up on where organs and such are in our body.
While we were waiting on line to go inside the planetarium, I realized the floor was glittery and thought it was really cool!
I mean what kid never wanted to be an astronaut, if even for a day? I think growing up or even now people still think space travel is pretty darn cool.
This was a piece of rock from the moon!
This confinement chamber was a chance for people to see how slaves were kept and transported during trade and also how many were treated during the Holocaust. I got in the chamber and it was pitch dark. You click the button and a man starts talking to give you facts about the situations the chamber is relevant to and THEN the wall moves in on you! I almost freaked out.
There was a section all about the circus, so clearly I HAD to be a lion! LOL

Did any of you use to go to science museums? Did you enjoy it? Do you still enjoy it? I know I did!
Channing in The City
7/5/2012 10:40:28

That floor look like OPI's My Private Jet. The first one before they changed the formula, though. Really pretty!

I'm really fascinated by the confinement chamber. That would have been interesting to see.

7/5/2012 10:54:05

RIGHT!!! that's exactly what I thought of and that confinment chamber had me super nervous!


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