So this handy dandy Toronto City Pass, go me into so many cool attractions within Toronto and the Zoo was one of the best!
I think the craziest part about this Zoo was that quite a few of the animals were not fully caged in. LIKE FOR REAL! This Orangutan was only closed in by one wall of class but no glass on the other side and they also had a walk through bird exhibit. Below are some of my favorite pictures from the day. 
Kissing a few frogs to find Prince Charming...
These are Spider Monkeys...I knew they existed but the fact that I call my brother that sometimes is what made actually seeing them comical to me.
How adorable are these sleeping White Lions?
My all time favorite animal is the Giraffe. I think it all started back at Toys-R-Us.

What's your favorite animal? Do you like going to the zoo? Maybe the aquarium?
7/2/2012 01:56:32 am

You didn't tell me you met Rafiki!! I am dying at the way he's sitting, though.

I really like the lions, they look really pretty.

7/5/2012 01:41:52 am

"Follow Rafiki he know's de way!!!" LOL yessss I started saying that when I saw him!!!!


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