When I got off the plane in Paris at 10:30am Sunday, I was overwhelmed with feelings. I was beyond excited to be here, yet I was nervous! Mainly because I was traveling alone and speak NO french! I got lost finding my shuttle to my apartment but it was ok because while in the shuttle I had a mini tour of the city.
While riding in the shuttle we went under, around, and past the Eiffel Tower and I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time!
Once I arrived my new roomies (Tempest and Tiffany) helped me take my luggage up three flights of stairs (pictured below).
As soon as I dropped my bag off in our place, we all headed right back out the door to do some exploring! We ended up getting baguette sandwiches (delicious) and walking through the Louvre :-)
I also had croque madame.! This was a ham and cheese sandwich with fried egg on top and was AMAZING!
7/5/2012 22:25:24

I can't get over their hair! It's so pretty. The pictures look like postcards, they're so gorgeous.

Hmmm to the fries. I'm hungry.

7/6/2012 14:10:07

WHOOP! and most of these pics were taken with my iPhone because I kept forgetting my camera lol! YES their hair is amazingly gorgeous :-)

Eugenia Russell Hargrove
7/7/2012 02:32:21

So excited for you!! Eiffel amd the Louvre look amazing!! Your roomies -tres chic!!

7/10/2012 05:19:18

These photos made me so excited for the trip! I can't wait, especially for the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre -- and that Croque Madame, yum lol. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see more!


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