Please forgive the fact that I sound like the guy from Hey Arnold that Helga always 
punches in the face, my allergies are killing me today!

Below are some pictures of my trip to the Ontario Parliament Building.
This is the front of the building.
The Ontario Coat of Arms. The shield of arms consists of three golden maple leaves on a green background below the Cross of St. George. The crest is a black bear standing on a gold and green wreath, with a moose and deer supporting both sides of the shield. Below, there is a banner with the Latin motto "Ut incepit Fidelis sic permanet," which translates to "Loyal she began, Loyal she remains."
Here's a short tour of the campus I'm living and taking classes at.
There was a "Vegan Parade" over on Yonge street the other day and I found it kind of amusing. #FunFact, Yonge street is the longest street in the world! 
This was my dinner tonight. Tiplapia, plantains, and jollof rice from a Nigerian restaurant. Seeing the fishes head on my plate was weird to me personally but it was delicious! 
6/3/2012 04:01:11 pm

Canada seems so quaint and I love that they encourage healthy living-- charging for plastic bags and the vegan parade. That's so cute!

The Parliament looks so regal!

And #shadeeeee to that 'due to popular demand' comment. The campus looks really pretty, though.

Can you find the black squirrel for me? I've never seen one. Say heyy to Norman!

Eugenia Russell Hargrove
6/3/2012 09:49:15 pm

Thanks for allowing a peek into "dorm" law school life in Toronto!! Of course you have pink luggage being an AKA!!

6/4/2012 01:07:28 am

Yes! I love my pink suitcase! lol very me!

6/4/2012 01:07:02 am

Yes Toronto is kind of on their own accord and I dont mind! LOL @ due to popular demand...I knew you would catch that! Yes I'll find Norman for you and send a pic...he's a little obese

6/4/2012 12:23:38 am

lol at the presidents choice bag. I have so many here with me

6/4/2012 01:08:03 am

LOL! I have two so I can only imagine how many you have!

6/4/2012 12:23:47 pm

LOL @ you saying you sound like the guy on Hey Arnold. Thanks for sharing your dorm life and the campus! It all looks so nice and clean and collegial!

6/8/2012 12:04:18 am

LOL! But I did!!! lol @ collegial, it's def a step up from our bigler life living


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