While on our weekend adventure in Loire Valley seeing gardens and Castles, we went to a show. "The Enchanted Mirror Spectacular" at Chateau D' Azay-le-Rideau. I have to say it was the oddest experience! 

It started with this lady wearing a jacket out of ties whistling at us and making us come in. 
Then there was a tap dancing horse....
Then this guy played with fire, a few feet from everyone in the crowd...(sorry this picture is a little blurry)
As I was watching these guys stack animals....
This man and his horse walked up next to me!
I think this was one of the weirdest things all night...this man and his horse attached to strings, did like an interpretive dance. *confused face*
OH, and this was all while we walked around this castle. 
And yes...those would be camels walking on water.

This whole experience was just odd! 
Channing in The City
8/2/2012 02:29:46 pm

Who do those animals think they are walking on water?! Jesus?? You better tell them to quit baspheming!

I laughed at all of these pictures, verrrry interesting place.

Jenny madgwick
10/18/2012 10:12:02 am

I totally agree, utterly bizarre! My favourite was the roundabout horses, the guy chuntering at them every two minutes, I don't know what he was saying but if things go wrong in everyday life at home, I have a mental image of him, it always makes me smile!


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